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Human Resource Development Group

CSIR Complex, Library Avenue, Pusa, New Delhi - 110012

(This application for financial support by CSIR to the research proposal should be typed; Thirty copies are to be submitted /forwarded to the Head, HRDG at the above address)


1. Institute to administer the grant:




2. Project Title (use not more than four lines):






3. General area of the proposed research (refer to the subject area here):


4. Name of the sponsoring CSIR Laboratory (if applicable) :

5. Prinicipal Investigator (PI) :

a. Title : Prof/Dr/ Mr//Ms


M / F


b. Full Official Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail







c. Position


d. Date of birth


e. Highest Degree University/ Institute





f. Time to be devoted to project

(in man months)

6. Other participants (give name, date of birth, designation, addresses, highest qualification for each of the co-/Principal-Investigator) (CO-I):











7. Names and addresses of four research scientists actively engaged in the general area of the proposed research :











8. Research support availed / being availed/ applied for by the PI from different sources, including CSIR, during the last six years:

Grant agency

Title of the project and Reference number


(from mm/yy to mm/yy)

Percentage of time devoted / being devoted/to be devoted, in man months

Amount in lakh Rs.






9. Proposed budget:

Budget items

Amount requested in Rs

1st Year                                                                         2nd Year                                                    3rd Year

(a) Staff





(b) Contingency

Chemical, samples glassware etc


Information search (from data bases)


Any other


(c) Equipment (itemwise)






1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

(d) Total


10. Available institutional facilities:




11. Declaration and attestation:

We certify that all the details declared here are correct and complete.

1. Signature of PI Date:

2. Signature of Co-Is Date:

(a)                                                                                                                 Date:

(b)                                                                                                                 Date:

(c)                                                                                                                 Date:

(d)                                                                                                                 Date:


12. Certificate of the heads of the department and institution:

We have read the terms and conditions of the CSIR Extramural Research Grant Scheme. The necessary institutional facilities are available and will be provided for the implementation of this research proposal being submitted to the CSIR for funding. Full account of expenditure will be rendered by the institution yearly.

Name of the head of the department                                      Name of the head of the institution


Signature with date                                                                  Signature with date 


Seal                                                                                             Seal 




Your description should be comprehensive and brief and should in no case exceed 10 pages (pages in excess will be discarded).

Information to be given below must illuminate the research ground to be covered through this project. The research objectives and the scientific perspective against which the project has been conceived should be clearly exposed to enable the Referees to arrive at a scientific judgement regarding it.

Give the particulars in the format shown below and send 30 copies of the entire project to the following address:

Head, HRDG

CSIR Complex

Library Avenue, Pusa

New Delhi 110012


13. Title of the project


14. Aims and significance of the project 

(Include the current status of work in area, both in India and abroad, with appropriate reference list at the end; identify lacunae, define question to be investigated; list briefly specific objectives of investigation).


15. Plan of work, methods and techniques to be used

16. Time-table or milestones

17. Deliverables

(apart from reports/papers; identify any products, systems, hardware, software, synthesised compound etc. to be delivered at the end of the project)


18. Justification of Budget

(for each position, item of equipment, and contingencies)

19. If the project has any industrial significance, give names and addresses of 3 industries that may be interested in the project.

20. If sponsored by CSIR Laboratory please give detail of technical performance that will be carried out at the CSIR laboratory and name, date of birth & designation of the CSIR scientist collaborating and recommendation letter from the Director of collaborating laboratory.

21. If applicable, indicate any link with ongoing projects of the sponsoring CSIR laboratory.

22. List not more than 25 of your publications with full bibliographic details/reports/patents or other documents in the last 10 years

(use asterisks to identify publications relevant to this proposal).